Executive Summary

Since the first day of operation, Coker College has been single-mindedly focused on one thing – doing what is best for its students.  This dedication to each student has produced extraordinary results.  If you talk to Coker alums about their experience here, they will talk about how personal an experience it was.  Staff members, faculty and even student “Commissioners” were, as they still are, committed to making the Coker experience as positive and enriching as possible for every member of our family.

Now, our college is entering one of the most exciting periods in its history.  In the last few years, the college has moved to a higher level of excellence and recognition.  Our student wellness initiative was recently featured in USA Today, and last year we made the decision to join the highly esteemed South Atlantic Conference. 

In contrast to many other small colleges, which are shrinking or have closed or been “absorbed” into larger institutions, Coker is thriving and enrollment is increasing.  And true to our student-centered core, our steps are guided by a comprehensive Redefining Ready philosophy. 

Addressing every component of a student’s experience at Coker, Redefining Ready commits us to truly serving our students by providing them with the skills and understandings they will need to thrive in today’s world and to become effective leaders in their communities, their careers and our nation.  Coker’s graduates must be able to stand confidently with the best.

What will it take?  For Coker to succeed, we need to prepare for a period of unprecedented enrollment growth.The new five-year strategic plan for the college reveals a number of urgently needed new facilities and programs, the most pressing of which are a multi-purpose athletics complex, the Harris E. and Louise H. DeLoach Center, and a new residential village.  While we will be able to build new residential buildings, which are revenue-generating, through traditional financing without placing an additional burden on our operational budget, the multi-use athletics complex will require private support. 

With powerful ripple-effects that will continue to strengthen the Coker experience, the DeLoach Center is destined to become one of the most significant facility enhancements this college has ever completed.  Consider its impacts:

Direct Impacts:

  • Showcasing Coker’s athletics programs
  • Enhancing athletic recruitment
  • Enhancing the academic environment
  • Increasing visibility of the college
  • Re-purposing Timberlake-Lawton
  • Flexibly supporting our intramural programs
  • Supporting the new master’s program

Indirect Impacts:

  • Conference-linked publicity
  • Enhanced recruitment for the entire college
  • Large-venue event facility
  • Strengthened College pride and tradition
  • Enhanced student experience
  • Additional jobs

Our ability to move forward with this dynamic new multi-use athletics complex depends on financial support from individuals who understand its importance to our students, to Coker College and to the greater Hartsville community. We seek to secure $12 million in philanthropic support from alumni, community members and friends of the college nationwide to fund its completion.