Redefining Ready: Destination 1500

A Strategic Vision & Plan for Coker College, 2011-2015


Guiding Coker College through a period of unprecedented growth.

As a student-centered comprehensive college committed to its fundamental mission of graduating students with the ability to think analytically and creatively and to write and speak effectively, Coker College has determined a course that will strengthen its fabric, enrich the lives of its members and invest itself more deeply in the world beyond itself.

Expanding from a core of rigorous academic pursuits and life-changing co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences, this plan will help Coker elevate its work in academia and in the region, sharpen its position in the market, attract more well-qualified students and ensure the sustainability of its operation. 

By 2015, some 1,500 enrolled students – perhaps as many as one thousand residential students and five hundred adult students – will be immersed a transformational experience that redefines not only their own futures but educational excellence in America.

Goal 1

Redefining the College Environment

Coker College will promote a positive social and work environment that creates community to include students, faculty, staff and alumni

Priorities Include:

  • Community – Building traditions of pride and collaboration.
  • Physical and Fiscal Wellness – Strengthening compensation and life-enhancing benefits.
  • Athletics – Igniting a Cobra spirit on the field and off.
  • Work Environment – Cultivating collegiality, enthusiasm and devotion to the cause.
Goal 2

Redefining Academics

Coker College will provide students with an excellent educational experience by joining all members of the Coker community in a circle of learning.

Priorities Include:

  • Four Year Plan – Establishing premier undergraduate experiences and Trans4mations , the heart of Coker’s renewed commitment to student-focused education.
  • Growth Centers –Strengthening our offerings in sciences, performing arts, business administration and education.
  • Graduate Programs – Creating market-sensitive masters programs and new models of delivery
  • Adult Programs – Revitalizing evening programs to better serve the distinct career needs of adult learners.
Goal 3

Redefining Our Position & Marketing

Coker College will position itself for growth and be better recognized.

Priorities Include:

  • Marketing – Working aggressively to increase visibility, enrollment and institutional support.
  • Expanded Recruitment ­–Broadening our reach well beyond the Pee Dee Region.
  • Rankings – Improving Coker’s position in U.S. News & World Report, NSSE, Princeton Review and other college guides.
  • Alumni Successes – Tracking, reporting and sharing Coker’s stories.
Goal 4

Redefining Fiscal Well Being & Infrastructure

Coker College will achieve a fiscal environment that provides resources capable of supporting institutional excellence and growth.

Priorities Include:

  • Fiscal Plan – Designing and implementing sustainable financial strategies to provide for Coker’s long-term growth and effectiveness.
  • Facilities Plan – Developing a master plan that addresses needs in instructional technology and space, residential programs, wellness and athletics.
  • Recruitment Plan – Involving every campus unit in the sophisticated requirements of effective, long-term enrollment management.
Goal 5

Redefining Community Engagement

Coker College will constructively engage students, faculty, staff and alumni in the local and world community.

Priorities Include:

  • Coker-Hartsville Relationship –Investing time, resources and talent in our local community.
  • Student Travel – Creating affordable opportunities to assure that every student benefits from a study-away or study-abroad experience.
Shared Vision

Realizing our Shared Vision

One hundred years after it began, a Coker College education is recognized as a distinctive preparation that effectively equips students to achieve their personal aspirations and career ambitions.

Coker College’s strategic plan, Redefining Ready, was painstakingly developed through the collaborative efforts of students, faculty, staff, alumni and the Board of Trustees.  Implementing it will require no less.  Indeed, fundamentally dependent upon the earnest work of the constituent members who helped shape it, the unprecedented growth this plan directs may well feel frenzied at times.  Seen from a distance, however, it will be a natural progression toward the worthy destiny we have already claimed.

Please join us.  Nurturing growth from the inside out and from the outside in, Coker College is determined to Redefine Ready. 

With investments in students and faculty, innovative programs and state-of-the-art facilities, including most notably, , by 2015 the Coker Experience will be recognized as a transformational experience that redefines educational excellence in America.

There is much to be done, and we invite you to become involved.